Africa Emergency Technology Response Forum

Who we are

Africa Emergency Technology Response Forum,  is a working group of technologists aimed at leveraging collective technology-driven skills and resources for good. #Tech4Good #AETRF.

Our History

5 years ago, West Africa was experiencing an epidemic from the Ebola virus. The Cobalt Partners Founder, Betty Enyonam Kumahor, thought that there was something a technologist should be able to contribute to the battle against the virus. She kick-started a forum – the Africa Emergency Technology Response Forum (AETRF) – and over 200 people from countries all over the world joined.

The AETRF had a weekly online conference, which catalogued technology solutions, supported collaborations, and hosted hackathons. The group included the central coordinating units in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and many more influencers in the affected and neighbouring countries. AETRF collectively built over 45 solutions which were deployed to all affected countries, and beyond.

Though AETRF wound down activities following the Ebola outbreak, the group remarked that it is not a matter of whether there would be another epidemic, but rather a matter of when. COVID-19 is now a global pandemic, threatening far beyond sub-region. AETRF has been revived again in the hope to contribute experience, and technology solutions in the fight against this new virus.

How to join the group

Please follow the link below to join the AETRF group,